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Free Practice Evaluation



Free 2-Hour EHR and Accounts Receivable Evaluation

There are over 300 Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR) on the market today. The federally mandated 2014 deadline for full conversion, and July 2012 for Stage One of manual patient information to electronic or EHR, has left Physicians scrambling to find a proper solution, and one that will work for them.

Insight Medical Solutions is now providing doctors throughout Florida a FREE medical billing consultant service to help to not only find you the best available answer to achieve a quick and efficient crossover to an EHR system that won't break the bank , but to help you qualify for thousands of dollars in government stimulus rewards. All Practice Management Interfacing, e-Prescribing, custom templates and word-merge documents, Internal messaging. Patient Portal, HIPPA compliant security, and Web Based software, along with many other features will help make your office more efficient and easier to manage.

Insight Medical Solutions will help you in the evaluation and decision making process. We can show you the most cost-effective and best-fit solutions for your practice. Call us today at 800-916-2514 XTN 3 for FREE no obligation EHR practice evaluation from an EHR consultant.

Insight Medical Solutions is one of Florida’s largest medical billing in Tampa firms that offers multi-platform support. As an everyday user of EHR systems, IMS has a unique advantage when handling your billing functions within the confines of your Practice Management Software. We have dramatically improved the bottom line profitability of many practices across a wide variety of medical fields. Our primary goal is to maximize overall collections for your practice. As a “Certified EHR Partner�? with dedicated billing experts, certified EHR trainers, implementation and support personnel, locally, on staff, IMS is well positioned to improve your net collections and achieve “Meaningful Use�?.

Insight Medical Solutions and Why 100% Web Based

  • Eliminate the costs and problems associated with Servers and Software Licenses
  • Eliminate problems associated with back-ups and IT Support
  • Triple the HIPPA Compliance
  • No costly upgrades, and having to wait your turn to get them

Combine All Your Needs Into One Service
Billings and Collections, EHR, and Transcription

Insight Medical Solutions’ system is a totally integrated solution for covering Practice Management, Billing Services, Electronic Health Records, and Transcription. This single source opportunity will keep your practice operating at top efficiency with minimal operational costs. Get the guaranteed the highest standards of SOFTWARE, TRAINING, SUPPORT, AND COLLECTIONS without paying the high costs of hardware, IT, and not to mention software. Going paperless will not only save your practice thousands of dollars, but by having all your software and data files in a cloud allows you to access your files from any computer anywhere without having to access via a remote user. Insight Medical Solutions is also the only vendor currently providing a transcription merge to EHR avoiding the hassle of Dragon or point and click.

Finally, a Transcription Service That Leaves the Others Behind

No out-of-country outsourcing, only locally dedicated transcriptionists

  • An account transcriptionist assigned directly to you for maximum efficiency
  • All transcriptions are edited by a QA Manager before they come back to you
  • All transcriptions are archived for immediate retrieval regardless of date
  • Option to use hand-held or direct phone-in

All this plus so much more when you go to our Transcription page.

Insight Medical Solutions -- Medical Billing in Tampa

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